Antimalarial Drugs

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  1. Sulphadoxine Tablets

    Artesunate100mg and sulphadoxine 500mg and Pyrimethmine 25mg Tablets also available in : Artesunate 200mg and sulphadoxine 500mg and Pyrimethmine 25mg Tablets
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  2. Alpha Beta Artether Ampoules

    Alpha Beta Artether 150mg Ampoules also available in : 75mg and 225mg Ampoules
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  3. Artesunat Tablets

    Artesunat 50mg and Sulphadoxine 500mg and Pyrimethamine 25mg kit pack Tablets
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  4. Amodiquine 153 MG Tablets

    Artesunate 50mg and Amodiquine 153mg Tablets
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  5. Lumefantrine Dry Syrup

    Artemether 180mg and Lumefantrine 1080mg Dry Syrup also available in: Artemether 40mg and Lumefantrine 240 mg Dry Syrup and Artemether 20mg and Lumefantrine 120mg Dry Syrup
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  6. Mefloquine Tablets

    Mefloquine 250mg Tablets
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  7. Quinine Sulphate Tablet

    Quinine Sulphate 300mg Tablet
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